The most powerful samurai.

Pandurai is the new badass Panda on BSC. 

Join us and become a Pandurai, the next community to take over the crypto-space!🐼

Buy Tax

 6% Marketing  3% LP

Sell Tax

6% Marketing 3% LP

Discover Pandurai NFT's!

Minting is LIVE!

Game trailer V1

Check out our V1 game teaser!

"New eras don't come about because of swords, they're created by the Pandurai who wield them."

Watsuki Nobuhiro

Game progression

Watch our animation and gameplay progression below.

What is Pandurai?

Pandurai is the new badass Panda on BSC. A team of experienced marketers, graphicdesigners & devs. Join us and become a Pandurai, the next community to take over the crypto-space!🐼

“The Pandurai swore an oath of loyalty to their leader and would fight to the death to protect him or her. This oath made the Pandurai even more fearsome on the battlefield because the Pandurai were not afraid of death.” 

 Jim Ollhoff

Roadmap v1


• Pandurai Concept & Art ✔️  • $Pandurai Token Launch ✔️  • Website ✔️  • Twitter & YouTube Channels ✔️

Phase 1 (deadline: Aug)

• Organic Marketing & Shilling ✅      • Begin Pandurai Game V1 (Side Scroller) Development ✅       • V1 Game Development Teaser Videos ✅    • Release Pandurai Origin Story       • Animate Pandurai Origin Story for Marketing & Game Intro        • Release of V1 Side Scroller Alpha       • Release of NFT collections teasers       • Release of NFT collections (key to playing the game)       • Activity across all social medias with effective marketing content & shilling contests ( youtube, tg , twitter etc. )       • Change Tokenomics 12% buy and sell (3% rewards for various top scorer categories in game)       • Development of nft game-access smart contract        • Complete & Release Pandurai Game V1        • V2 Game Development Teaser Videos

Phase 2 (Q3, Q4)

• Paid Promotion & Marketing  • Apply for CG / CMC  • Begin Pandurai Game V2 (RPG) Development   • Complete Pandurai Origin Animated Series   • Start V2 of the animated series  • Release of V2 Alpha  • Release of V2 NFTs - Integratable NFTs into the Pandurai RPG  • Official launch of V2 Game Pandurai RPG